Whites vs Yolks – Quick, Easy and Fun to Separate

My mother-in-law sent me this great video for how to quickly and easily separate egg whites.  It put a big smile on my face.  I couldn’t wait to show and test at home.

I had bought a bottle of water just for the purpose and had it waiting in the kitchen.    A few days passed and then I walked in to the kitchen to see my husband had just cracked a half dozen eggs in a bowl for scrambled eggs.  I quickly stopped him and set out plates.  He was a bit taken back and I showed him the video.  He’s used to waiting for me to take photos but not set up an experiment in the middle of his breakfast making.  He watched and was pretty impressed too.  We set out plates and dumped some eggs.  My husband was concerned we were going to waste some of his eggs on the plate and wondered why we could just do in the bowl.  We decided to test that too.

When we tried getting the yolks out of the bowl, it sucked up more than the yolk. Yuk.

However the plate method worked perfectly – just like the video. (Thanks Grandma) I couldn’t wait to share this great tip.  Think of all the meringues.  And all those moms with babies who aren’t yet eating egg whites.  It was fun and kind of addictive.   My daughter and I didn’t want to stop.  We eventually did and scooped them all back in the bowl, so dad could scramble.