Blogging…Harder than the Hunger Challenge?

So why haven’t I blogged since the hunger challenge? I guess I haven’t had anything important to share and I’m busy with routine parenting, cooking, sharing and eating (and life in general).  So last week I didn’t have any new recipes, or exciting dining experiences or kids’ food stories to share.  But that’s how it will go.  I may be inspired to blog once a day (for a particular project) or maybe only once a week (or maybe less). 

Now that I have a food blog under my own name I’m receiving lots of emails from PR agencies and companies wanting me write about their client or product.  This is so strange to me.  I get pressured all the time by people who say social media is “very important to business”.  That may be so, but this blog is not an advertising vehicle.  If I come across a great kid’s product, food, restaurant, etc. – so be it.  I’ll write about it because I’ve used it, ate it, or expereinced it, and think it’s relevant to share.  Not because I got an email from a publisher, promoter or agent.


And when I get asked why I don’t Tweet, my answer is that I, (nor my kids) really don’t want to interrupt living life to stop, type, and write something to everyone and no-one.