I Met a Master

There are only a handful of television shows I watch each week.  Once of them is Top Chef.  I’ve blogged about my love of the show before.  But what trumps Top Chef?  Top Chef Masters!  I was so excited to watch each week and especially root for the home team chef (Hubert Keller of Fleur de Lys in SF).  No I had never been to Fleur de Lys (hopefully some day soon), but this chef was so nice and down to earth and french.  How could I not like him?  He didn’t win.  But I liked Rick Bayless (Frontera, Topolobampo, Chicago)  too.  Another seemingly nice person with a genuine passion for food.

When I heard Hubert Keller would be at the Tyler Florence Shop in Mill Valley, I responded immediately.  We in the Bay Area are so fortunate to have the Florence family here as a family,  business, and generous community supporter.  Hubert was promoting his new cookbook Burger Bar Build Your Own Ultimate Burgers, along with his new restaurants (opening in Macy’s in Union Square SF on Oct 16th).  I was so pleased to see this friendly and talkative “master” in person.  It was also very moving to hear a man thank him for Fleur de Lys and the experience he had dining there when he proposed to his wife.  It was also wonderful to hear that he has raised so much money for Make-A-Wish foundation because of his Top Chef Masters appearance.

Hubert and I
Hubert and I


The cookbook looks wonderful – everything from burgers (beef, fish, veggie, ostrich) and veggie sides (fries, pickled veggies) and shakes/floats (spiked and non).  I’ll report back with a recipe once I’ve tried something.