Slow Cooker: Need it or Not?

slow cooker

All this cold weather makes me think about hot, comforting food like chili, soups, stews and others.  It also reminds me that I don’t have a slow cooker.   I’ve never really gotten over the crock pot foods of the 70’s.  My mom was a single parent and used the crock pot quite a bit.  It was easy, even at age 10, I remember sometime I was asked to put the ingredients in, which hours later yielded  the family dinner.  But I remember it all tasting the same.  Meat that after 8 or so hours was hard to identify, but fell apart easily and a sauce that was also a bit of a mystery (not bad, but boring).  We had everything from ham hocks and saurkraut (yes, really) to pot roast with veggies – but there was always a sameness.

After seeing so much about slow cooking, the ease of slow cookers (I am a busy mom after all) and some tasty looking recipes (always handy for a potluck), I recently mentioned being ready to purchase a slow cooker.  Of course now I learned of the debate over which ones are safe, because of the possibility of lead.  Here’s an interesting blog article about such research if interested and want to know which brands fess up to what’s in their product.  I can’t believe this is another product with safety issues.   

Then just when I thought I was going to embrace new foods from a slow cooker I was faced with more of that 70’s taste at a family gathering.  Hmmm. 


Between the blandness, texture and safety issues, maybe I’m better off wth one less appliaance.  You never know.  I may get there, but not a priority.  Please feel free to tell me I’m wrong and share some of your favorite slow cooker makes/models and recipes to help nudge me to the slow side.