Let Them Crack Eggs

There’s usually a pecking (yes, pun intended) order in most kitchen.  As the oldest seems to do more of the actual hands on food prepping.  Makes sense as the older kids’ are the more coordinated, responsible and careful.  Well not always…

In the case of eggs at my house, there’s a new chef in town.  My son had always been the egg cracker.  Actually not always.  He wasn’t interested until he was about 5 and wasn’t so worried about getting “yuck” on his hands.  While he liked to do it, the egg didn’t always make the bowl.  It’s o.k. as it’s all part of the process of learning (patience as the adult and hand eye coordination as the child). 

While making pancakes on Sunday my daughter asked for the first time if she could crack the eggs.  I quickly looked at my son to see what his reaction would be.  Jealousy? Territorialism? Chalance? Indignity?  Surprisingly he was all for it and explained the steps with enthusiasm to his sister.  We were all quite impressed, both with his attitude and her ability.  While this rookie had certainly seen many a cracked egg, she was sucessful the first time… all in the bowl with only a bit of shell. 

Here are a few things to do to get ready for your child’s first, and really every, egg crack…

1. Set up your cracking chore at a table or sink with safe stool, where your child can easily see and reach.   

2. Have a separate clean bowl for cracking.  This allows easy removal of any shell pieces.  Rather than adding directly to say cookie batter and trying to fish out shells among other ingredients.

3. Have a kitchen towel ready.  This is both for any mishaps on hands (most are not a fan of the ticky feeling) and/or counter.

4. Have an extra bowl, garbage bowl, compost crock or sink, ready for the shells.  Don’t make your child guess as to where to put or drip the shells.

5. Have extra eggs on hand, in case egg(s) misses the bowl.

6. Have fun and keep a sense of humor.

7. Clap and praise.