California County Bans McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

I just loved the above headline.  I’m hoping it’s just the first county to initiate the ordinance and others will follow.  Hooray for Santa Clara.

Read the entire article here.

So funny, the concept of fast food just doesn’t come up at our house.  Once my son asked about a McDonald’s as we past and said “how come we’ve never been there?”  I said “the food is junky” (he’s heard that before from me) and also asked him how he likes to eat.  “Do you like to hurry and eat?”  I knew his response would be “no”.  My son likes to take his time eating and he’s opposed to being rushed in general.  He also likes to dine.  He and my daughter enjoy the whole restaurant experience.  Including flirting with wait staff and hostesses. That’s just not part of McDonald’s experience.

Anyways…my mom gave my kids a Sponge Bob watch.  I looked at the package and it said “not for resale”.  I knew she didn’t buy these watches.  Flash forward to yesterday at my son’s school and I saw a little girl with the watch.  I heard her tell another interested student that she got it at Burger King.  (Yes, my mom is busted – she didn’t take my kids there, but I wouldn’t want to be promoting them either).  The little girl who was curious about the watch turned to her mom and asked “what’s Burger King?”  I love those moments.  I am happy not to be the only parent who doesn’t do Happy Meals and food with surprise plastic toys.  However I can see how pursuasive a little toy and interest can go.  It’s built at least one empire… an evil empire (and I’m not talking Star Wars figures).