Girls and Salads

Ellery and her salad

The popular opinion and picture of girls/women eating salads seems to start young.  My daughter loves to make salads.  I’ve shared some of her arrangements with you, complete with  flowers and herbs, no less.  However now my four year old wants to yield a knife and cut the ingredients for her salads.  Her knife is a dull child’s knife.  But still the first few times are a bit stressful for me.  I try to bite my tongue as I watch her little fingers get too close.  Or she misses the veggie and it goes rolling away and she tries to stab at it. 

I was surprised that this is not just my daughter who is interested in salads.  While at my daughter’s gym/dance class I overheard another mom talk about her daughter’s love as sous chef and that she makes her own dressing.  Well, we hadn’t tried that.  Of course that night after my daughter chopped (hacked) way too many cucumbers and carrots for a salad that looked like it could feed 10, I suggested she make the dressing.  Her eyes lit up as I got out the ingredients.  I immediately thought of a glass jelly jar (so easy to clean out pasta and condiment jars for special collections and little things kids treasure) instead of my usual glass measuring cup, for her to use as a dressing bottle.  That way she could shake the jar to combine the oil and vinegar, by herself, without mess.  It immediately too me back to cooking with my mom in the 70’s and the Good Seasons dressing packets that you could even buy with a glass dressing cruet.  I forgot all about those.  What ever happened to that?  Anyways my daughter was having such fun, my son asked for a turn shaking the dressing too.

Dressing fixings and jar
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Jonas shakes things up

Last night we went to some friends for dinner.  Their 8 year old daughter went to the fridge and told her mom “I’m making a salad”.  My daughter smiled and played sous chef to her big girl friend, as they made a lovely spinach salad with cucumber, tomatoes, and Parmesan.  Of course they made too much, but everyone was proud of the girls, even the brothers (who had at least a bite).