Halloween Fruit Treats


It’s finally arrived…Halloween.  I love Halloween.  This year we had our costumes particularly early as my son chose Star Wars costumes for each of us.  However there is still last minute costume alterations (thanks goodness for Nana) and all the school party festivities.  I was a bit leary of Halloween on a Sunday.  But for the school activities it was nice to spread out and celebrate on Friday.  Then we had a day to fix costumes and prepare for tonight.  Although I’m sure no one will get to bed on time, eventhough it’s a school night.

Here are some fun treats I made for my son’s Halloween party.  These were easy to do, but time consuming when doing 2 dozen.  I guess I needed something to do while enjoying the world series game (Go Giants).  I found this idea on a website and thought it was a cute idea for something festive yet healthy.  Of course I had to change the original from fruit cocktail to cut fresh fruit, so that’s why it took longer than expected.  They came out even cute than expected and were a big hit with kids and parents.

I made 24 of these, but I made 2 samples to see how they worked.  It’s kind of nice that you can do as many as you’d like (time permitting), you’ll just have to adjust how much fruit you cut.  I made way too much and would cut it in half.  Although it’s never bad to have extra fruit salad on hand.  Without the jack-o-lantern faces, I’ll plan to do this again for anytime of year.

Jack -O-Lantern Fruit Cups

navel oranges

bite size cut fruits – I used pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, oranges, apples (figure about 3/4 cup per orange)

Cut top 1/4 of orange across the top to make a lid/top and set aside

Using a paring knife cut all the way around inside of orange from pith.  Using a teaspoon or grapefruit spoon,  dig out orange.  Reserve orange for cutting and adding to fruit cups.  Scrape inside orange to get other large pieces but be careful not to tear orange side.

Fill each orange with fruit salad.  Put lid back on.

Using a Sharpee pen, draw desired faces.  (If my kids were awake and I hadn’t started the project so late, I would’ve enlisted their help and artistry).

Scrape out orange and juice over bowl to save
Hollow the oranges and arrange in muffin tins
Color the faces and fill cups
hardest part - finding room in the fridge