May The Force Be With You – Star Wars Cookies

Check out these out of this galaxy Star Wars aprons my friend gave the kids.  At first I think my friend (die hard Star Wars fan) and I were more excited than the kids.  Did I mention she gave me Star Wars cookie cutters?  (While I like Star Wars, I’m a bit of a cookie cutter addict – I have over 100).  And there was a debate of which Fett (Boba or Jango) was in the set.  My son loves Star Wars and the whole family even dressed up for Halloween in the theme.  But I think he didn’t get excited by the apron and cutters at first, because they weren’t action figures or legos.  

However, once the dough was made…we all got into character.   We were creating all kinds of character favorites and oracticing our Yoda and Vader voices to get in the spirit.  I was a bit leary of the success of the cookie cutters before trying them, because of the detail and spring pull, however they worked great and are simple to use.  You don’t have to press super hard, which made my 4 year old excited.  I am especially fond of Yoda.  Because of all the detail you can make any simple sugar cookie dough and not even worry about frosting or decoration.  Although maybe we’ll try that next time.

In case you’re wondering and thinking of Christmas gifts the aprons and cutters are  from Williams-Sonoma.  Thanks Janelle! (we owe you some finished cookies)