For Those Wondering….Glass Jar Find

I’ve received a few calls and email regarding the jar on the front cover of the Williams-Sonoma Cooking for Baby Cookbook.  First, let me tell you I did the recipes only for the book and did not write the text, nor take the photos.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend the photo shoot either so when people kept telling me they liked the baby food jar on the cover and where could they get one, I was baffled.

Recently while dining at a new restaurant in San Francisco, Bar Agricole, I saw a very close resemblance to the jar on the cover.  The waiter presented our check in the jar and I turned it over to see a strawberry and name “weck” on the bottom.  When I got home I googled weck and found this site.  So if you’re interested in canning or just getting neat little glass jars for storing small items or feeding babies, check them out.  (And please don’t call me about the jars on a Sunday night at 11 p.m. – really it happened)

On a more serious and confusing note, Williams-Sonoma sold the rights of this book (I had no say) to Fireside Publishing and they rereleased with a new cover.  However the recipes and text is exactly the same.  I know, I know.  Just do not buy both.