Cookbook Review- Simply Suppers by Jennifer Chandler

I’ve received a great many cookbooks lately.  Some good and some not so good.  Because I believe in the adage “If you can’t say something nice, don;t say anything at all”:  I am not going to share, trash and criticize books I don’t like.  I’m going to tell you about those I used and liked.  Of course there will be pros and cons (nothing is perfect).

Cookbooks are a perfect holiday gift for a home cook and food lover.  You can never have too many (although I’m sure my husband thinks so) and there’s always room for something new and surprising in your collection.  I have a core 8 or 10 books that I use most often, however I have about another 50 that I use maybe one favorite recipe or I pull out when need something fresh or a new inspiration.

Simply Suppers: Comfort Food You Can Get on the Table in No Time Flat by Jennifer Chandler is a great book for busy people who want to make dinner, but don’t have much extra time to shop or cook.  All ingredients are easy to find and the recipes are straight forward and many of them can be made in about a half hour.  There’s some good weeknight options which I made, such as Sloppy Joe’s (which was my family’s favorite) as well as Sauteed Spaghetti Squash and Lemon Salmon.  The recipes are basic and comforting.

Pro: Helpful recipe icons with cooking, freezing and variation tips

Con:  Good solid food, but lack of surprises

Sauteed Spaghetti Squash
Lemon Salmon