The Quest for the King (Cake)…

Is this a crazy looking cake or what?

So I love a parade and all things having to do with New Orleans, especially the food.  However I have never make or tasted a king cake.  These are the one’s baked with a baby inside and whoever get’s the babe makes the cake and hosts the next year’s party.  Sounds fun.  But when I looked into recipes they are all over the board…Made with braided dough, created from crescent rolls, baked in a bundt pan, etc.  And the ingredients are all different too.  Purple food color, colored sprinkles, candied citron, cream cheese filling, etc.  I need help. 

So please if you have a recipe you’d like to share I would really appreciate it and will spend the next few weeks before Fat Tuesday baking, testing, reviewing and sharing here with everyone.