Happy Post V-Day with Pot de Creme

For Valentine’s Day my husband and kids and I had a romantic San Francisco style dinner of cracked crab, chowder, spinach salad and sourdough.  O.K. it was made by me at home and not romantic (but sweet).  No worries, as my husband and I will go out on the weekend. 

I did want to do something special and make my husband’s favorite dessert.  Not only is his favorite Chocolate Pot de Creme, but specifically one from Foreign Cinema Restaurant in SF.  So I couldn’t have been any luckier when I saw the recipe from Foreign Cinema’s Gayle Pirie and John Clark in the Sunday, January 30th edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.  I secretly found it, cut it and squirreled it away for Valentine’s. 

Everyone liked it, especially the kids.  Although the Foreign Cinema atmosphere, waitstaff and clean up was missing.  My daughter and I even made the Naomi’s Almond Wafer’s which accompanied the article and served it with a strawberry on top.  Which was my daughter’s suggestion.

Click here for the recipe if you want something creamy, rich and comforting to share with your Valentine and/or kids.  This was quite easy, although can be messy.  I was also glad I removed the ramekins from the hot water (just out of the oven) without kids in the kitchen as it could have been trouble.  I found I needed to cook them about 4 – 5 minutes longer than the 15 – 20 minutes, as they were all liquid.

removing from water
my sous chef making wafers