Risk it or Toss it? Lunchbox Challenge

Today I packed my kids’ lunch (pretty much the same items as yesterday).  They’re on an egg kick – which fits well with the hunger challenge as an inexpensive protein.  My son likes hard boiled and my daughter likes egg salad, so I can easily satisfy both for a healthy lunch.  Plus I was able to boil the eggs ahead, Sunday night and be prepared to pack quickly in the morning.


The lunchbox is pictured above.  It contains:

egg salad salad in 1/2 pita (hard boiled egg for son)

edamame and carrots

half a banana

apple sauce

For my son I had to pack a snack as well – a fig bar and cheese.  Luckily my daughter’s preschool supplies her with a morning snack.  We’re doing o.k. for the challenge as far as lunches for them, I think.  I hope I have something left by Friday to pack.

It was a really hot day and when I picked my son up from school at 1:30 he said he wanted to eat his lunch at home and didn’t eat much because “I wasn’t hungry, just hot.  And they don’t give me enough time to eat”.  My son is a slow eater and so we’ll have to figure that out.  As I unpacked his lunch at home, I realized I forgot to put the ice pack in my son’s lunch.  Oops!  Not sure how that happened but anything is possible as we’re trying to get into a kindergarten routine. 

I realize that if I throw the egg away, I am not only wasting precious food but cutting into my reserve for another lunch or snack.  Being that my son’s safety comes first, I toss the egg.  Poor food safety and an honest mistake happens all the time, but it may seem like a luxury to some to throw it away.  Other’s may say “It’s fine.  Just eat it.” and may have been, but I don’t want to take the risk.

For my lunch I had the final piece of the left-over veggie sandwich from Sunday dinner and a few edamame.  I would like something more, but will wait until I am truly hungry.

Daughter’s lunchDaughter's lunch