Sushi Surprise and Kids Cooking Classes

My kids like sushi.  Let me rephrase…my kids like some sushi.  The truth is my son loves seaweed (plain and otherwise) and tobiko (smelt roe, above).  My daughter likes california rolls and eel and often takes the seaweed apart.


When I received a sushi kit from my new friend Elaine at ChowBella kids cooking schools, I was excited.  I used to make sushi when it was just my husband and I.  Then I misplaced my bamboo mat and put my rice cooker on a high shelf and I just forgot.  With a new mat, great sushi rice recipe and my kids’ enthusiasm we made sushi.  We already had the seaweed (my son always gets from the farmer’s market) and I bought avocado, crab and veggies.  My daughter had a great time spreading the rice and helping me roll.  Yes, it was messy and they aren’t the neatest roll as you can see, but we had fun and ate lots.  Even my son who isn’t an avocado fan was pleased.

I suggest you try it.  There are so many things you can wrap up.  Whether it be fish, tofu, rice, veggies, even left-overs.  If you want your kids to learn some cooking skills outside your own kitchen during the summer, send them to a cooking camp.  I wish I could go myself.  Cooking camps build confidence as well as teaches a variety of other skills such as listening, cooperation, math, measuring and following directions.  If you live in the Bay Area, Elaine at ChowBella has a variety of dates and classes for those ages 7 and up in the East Bay (Lafayette). 

Here’s the sushi rice recipe Elaine gave me, which we will now make regularly at my house.

Master Sushi Rice (this makes a lot! I halved everything)

4 cups sushi rice (short grain brown or white)


1 cup rice wine vinegar

1/2 cup sugar

Wash rice at least three times or until water is clear. Cook rice in rice cooker with water about 1 inch over rice or on stove according to directions. While rice cooks slowly heat vinegar and sugar until very hot but not boiling.  Fold in vinegar and sugar with hot rice, add enough so that the rice has a tart/sweet taste. Rice should be shiny not mushy.