10 Worst Food Trends According to Sunset Critic

Pulitzer-prize winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold dishes out the latest food trends he can’t handle.  Read the entire, sarcastic and funny article.  Here’s his top 10 and my thoughts on a few.

1. “Changes and Modifications Politely Declined”

I agree this works both ways.  Some diners want to create their own meals and menus with their suggestions, ommissions and substitutions.  Just cook at home yourself.  However some chefs can be too dismissive for a simple request.

2. Sous vide

Watch Top Chef like me?  I’m not even eating the sous vide dishes made, but am tired of watching them be prepared.

3. Untranslated menus

This can certainly make one feel intimidated if you don’t recognize a dish or ingredient.

4. $5 tap water

While I haven’t experienced paying for tap water, I don’t like the way some waiters ask if you’d like sparkling, stilled or (lower your voice) tap water.  As if if sounds so bad to accept tap (say loudly for effect).

5. Bartender overreach

6. Chef overreach

7. Tuna surprise

I agree that chefs should know what’s sustainable and what’s in danger and buy and create menus accordingly.

8. Truffle oil

This one I don’t agree with.  Yes, truffle oil is not the same at truffles, but it’s very tasty and I’ll blog more about that next.

9. Third-wave coffee

10. Better living through chemistry O.K. I’ll admit, I would like to go to WD50 and taste Wylie Dufresne’s food.