North Beach Book Signing

I was invited to do a book signing in North Beach at a great parenting resource and baby boutique called Carmel Blue.  I hadn’t been to North Beach in so long and was happy to participate in the store’s book fair to launch their parenting and children’s book section.  I always go to such events by myself but this time my five year old daughter accompanied me.  We had a great time and I used the event to show her around North Beach – the square, the cathedral, the shops, the cafes.  She was extremely patient, and even helpful, as I signed books and spoke with new and expectant parents.  She loved looking at all the baby things (great selection of unique clothing, toys and gifts) as well as the babies themselves.  She was even the big kid in storytime.  We met a wonderful grandfather of 6 girls visiting from the mid-west who was kind enough to take and email me these photos.  Thanks Joe.

We visited Caffe Roma twice, which I hadn’t been to years.  First, we arrived early for the event, so we went to tea (for me) and hot chocolate (for her).  She enjoyed seeing all the many people coming and going and all the loud banter.  After the book event I thought we’d go to Tony’s Pizza or North Beach Pizza, but she wasn’t interested.  No pizza?  I was shocked.  She wanted to “go back to the cafe from earlier”.  I obliged.  It wasn’t as bustling (which she liked), but she was quite happy with her eggpplant penne and a few italian “kisses”, aka cookies, to take home and share with dad and brother.

I love showing my kids new (to them) neighborhoods and sharing and remembering all the times my husband and I spent in the city as a couple before they were born.  It’s fun to see what’s new and what remains.  My daughter was all walked and questioned out after our North Beach work and adventure, as she fell asleep on the ride home at 2pm.  I’ll have to take my son back next time.  He’ll indulge me with a slice.