Not Eating…Due to Spite

I have a sassy, stubborn and dramatic 5 year old girl.  She is also cute and smart, thankfully.   You too?  Well I’ve written that mine is vegetarian.  Lately she has decided if she isn’t getting the meal she wants, she just won’t eat.  Is the name for this diet a spitetarian or a stubbornarian?


After a big 3 hour hike (yes, her too) we went with friends for lunch.  We were all very hungry.  My daughter wanted pasta and I said no because she had pasta the previous night.  There was a huge variety of foods, many even vegetarian.  She said she wasn’t eating then.  O.K. fine.  I really am o.k. with my kids not eating a meal, and they’ve even gone to bed hungry.  I know they won’t starve.  I don’t think that makes me a bad mom.  I’ve done my job and presented a healthy meal and it’s their choice to eat it or not.  I’ve met enough parents who have become short order cooks, offering their child meal after meal (usually gets down to pb & j or cereal) because they need to see their kids eat something.  However in a restaurant I’m kind of stuck.  I haven’t presented her with anything.  Her brother’s burger comes with a side salad, so we (my son agrees too) decide that can be her’s if she changed her mind.


When I wasn’t looking she ate a few bites.  She didn’t ask for anything until dinner, but she put it away then.  Just like a Spitetarian…