Contractors in the House…What’s For Lunch?

The Contractor's Lunch Special

We’ve definitately had our share of contractors over the past few years working on our house projects.  One thing I have learned is that they appreciate and rarely turn down food.  This is good because I feel really awkward having someone in my house and not offering them food.  I know this may sound odd.  I just have to be a hostess and offer someone in my home a drink or food.


I realize this isn’t the approach everyone takes.  I grew up thinking if you go to someone’s home you bring something – cookies, wine, flowers, small gift.  However when I became a mom, I realized I was the odd one bringing flowers to the playdate host.  After a few times coming to what is now my daughter’s best friend’s house, the mom (my friend now) requested I stop bringing things.  Actually a pineapple was the last straw.  I took the hint.


I assume everyone that comes to my house should be fed and/or wattered, or at least offered to be.  For playdates I always have or make something.  Even if the neighbor comes over for a brief moment I offer something.  I can’t help myself.  So having someone working on my house makes me feel like I should provide something as well.  The good thing about the contractors is they are usually hungry and are not picky.  I’m not running a restaurant (and they’re not family) so I don’t ask them what KIND of sandwich when I offer a sandwich.  This makes it easy.  They can eat it or not.  But they always do (or at least hide it and I don’t know).  Actually I like this approach for everyone.  I make the food, you eat or don’t eat the food.  But there’s no discussion, critique, or complaining.  Just a simple “thank you.”

Once we were having our driveway repaired on a hot day.  My kids and I made ice cream cones for the contractors.  I enjoyed watching my kids bring them to the guys and seeing their surprise.  A simple act of food and kindness goes a long way.

The past weeks we’ve been remodeling our dining room.  The kitchen is right next to the dining room, so it’s awkward to go to the kitchen if I’m at home and not offer lunch.  So sometimes I avoid the kitchen if I don’t have time to make everyone (the contractors) lunch.  Tonight I didn’t know what to do as two guys came to finish something unexpectedly around dinner time.   I held off dinner as long as possible, not wanting to sit down for a family meal while they are working.  Finally we (the rest of my family) gave in.  I kept thinking we could of at least ordered them a pizza.  Maybe I’ll make them muffins tomorrow…