Chef Fight! Paula Deen vs. Anthony Bourdain

So I don’t really follow Paula Deen.  Her food just isn’t my style and her show isn’t very entertaining to me.  Although I know she has lots of fans.  I do like Anthony Burdain.  I’ve watched his Without Reservation show and read his books of kitchen honesty and irreverance to just about everyone.  I enjoy watching him go to far away lands and eat with the natives.  It’s not always healthy I’m sure.  But I don’t make any of his recipes either.

So Paula Deen has just announced she has type 2 diabetes.  This is unfortunate for her and millions of others.  And yes, certainly her diet has a big impact on that.  I suspect she’ll be switching out some ingredients and hopefully helping fans do the same.  I’m not sure Anthony Bourdain needs to kick her when she’s down.  But he does have a point….

Here’s more on the feud…