Year of the Dragon 2012

Eventhough my son and I had venture to Chinatown for his field trip earlier in the week, we were all still excited to head back for the Chinese New Parade and usher in the year of the dragon.  We did some of the usual, but got a late start due to soccer games earlier in the day.  No time for market viewing and pet stores.  We headed straight for dinner at, you guessed it Oriental Pearl.  My son and I tried to suggest a new place, but somehow this one seems to be part of the tradition (see last year’s blog entry) and my husband wanted to stick with it.  Maybe next year.

bringing the bird

This year we ordered a few new things which had fun presentations.  The assorted dim sum with shrimp balls, pot stickers, shu mei and egg rolls came with this lovely bird carved from a carrot.  Funny thing is they must now have too many birds as after we admired it and had it on the table a few minutes, they whisked it away.


smells the same
really, they're mushrooms

This year there were more parade goers than in the past.  We walked by a few of the usual shops such as what my kids call, the “stinky dried fish”  store.  We took our annual photo.  Then we looked in another window and saw these enormous mounds.  We giggled because they looked like dung, but are in fact mushrooms.


We found a new place to stand and watch the parade were it was a bit less hectic and away from Portsmouth Square where there’s lots of fireworks and smoke bomb activity.  Although we still had our sparklers.  And of course had egg custards.  This time after the last dragon we hit the Chinatown Bazaar.  You could spend hours looking at all the wares from teapots, to stuffed animals, to tiaras, to magnets and on and on.  My daughter bought a hat and my son chose two tiny ceramic owls to commenmorate the evening.  Gung Hay Fat Choy!