Little Leprechauns

We had lots of excitement over St. Patrick’s Day.  First my daughter’s kindergarten class made leprechaun traps to try to trap leprechauns and get their gold.  These are usually sweet, glittery boxes with rainbows and stars.  However there were a few that seemed a bit unkind – spikes and water to keep the poor green guy in the box.  Luckily the leprechaun’s stole the marshmallows (apparently what they eat) and just left a bit of mess (think toys on the ground, glitter dust and bead necklaces left behind).

My son also got his braces on last week.  Because the next day was spirit day and the day before St. Patrick’s Day he chose to get green bands on the braces.

Not to be outdone by her brother’s new green smile, my daughter put together her own green.  She was easy to spot and made up for any other students lacking green spirit.


This year St. Patrick’s Day was on a weekend so I had some time to make green shamrock pancakes (added food dye), green eggs (added pesto), cut kiwi  and green juice (mix of fruits and spinach in belnder).  I must say the kids loved it.  It wasn’t very appetizing looking.  But every once in a while it’s fun to hear a squeal at the breakfast table with a bit of surprise and “magic”.