Melon Madness!

Everyone loves and appreciates all variety and flavors of fruits in the summer months.  What’s not to like?  Plums, cherries, peaches, plots, nectarines, and on and on.  But what about melons?  My kids and I have been discovering all the various melons.  Each week we pick a new one to try. Noting the exterior texture and color and shape overall.  Before we cut each one we each take a guess at what color the flesh will be inside.  The best part is they’ve all been delicious.  To really make it interesting we could do a blind taste test to see if we can differentiate them.  Maybe I’ll save that as our fun and exciting days of summer turn more dull (we have a full 12 weeks this year)   Here’s what we’ve discovered and enjoyed so far.  Get your melon ballers ready!


Sherlynne Melon

Santa Claus Melon


Canary Melon

Funny thing is when we said what the melons tasted like it was mostly cantaloupes and cucumbers.  Cucumbers?  Well I explained to my kids that melons squashes and cucumbers are part of a larger family of gourds and referred to as “cucurbits”.  Melons are an excellent source of vitamin C.  Choose melons that are heavy for their size and grooves that have white or cream colored  grooves instead of green.