Halloween Hoopla

There was so much hoopla around Halloween this year, I didn’t even get a chance to write about it.  But we had lots of fun.  Here’s the quick recap along with some food ideas for fall entertaining or next year’s festivities.


First we did or annual trek to Peter’s Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma.  Had a ball as usual.  Hay maze, potato digging, pumpkin picking, pumpkin ice cream , calf petting, etc.

My husband outdid himself again with carving the pumpkins.  I swear each year my kids up the ante for what they’d like.  This year they looked online for inspiration.   My husband carves without a stencil.  This is free hand.


Halloween day was parades and parties at school.  I made pumpkin bread for my son’s class as well as the neighbors.  My mom comes for a visit every year during Halloween.  This year she experienced it all day and night (a total trooper).  That’s her in the first photo in the green clown outfit.

We made some really fun food for Halloween night with friends.  They made a yummy apple pumpkin soup and mummy tofu and hot dogs.  I made mummy potatoes (still had from digging) and witches fingers (aka breadsticks).  There were a few pieces of candy eaten while rainy night trick or treating, but the real treat comes when we turned our candy in to my son’s orthodontist and received $2 per pound.  My kids were thrilled with $4 each.  I later collected left-over candy at the school for Blue Star Moms to wrap up in care packages to soldiers overseas.  Treats for everyone!