Earth Week Wrap Up

There were so many fun events and activities during Earth Week last week.  And if you didn’t do anything special and green, no worries.  It’s one of those things you can and should do on a daily basis, not just once per year.  Here’s a few photos from last week’s activities with my children.  There was an adorable labybug release.  Where the kids released over 30,000 ladybugs to help the school garden.  There was also an adorable sing-a-long with nature inspired songs. The culmination of the garden celebration was a garden fair with games, prizes, eco friendly face painting, bake sale, apple bobbing and more.


We skipped meat for the week and I made a yummy, fresh Watercress, Edamame and Fennel Salad.    I found the recipe while grocery shopping.  It was right on the cover of Delicious Living  magazine (recipe).  I’ll share this one with my vegan sister too.  But you could also add grilled shrimp or chicken to make an easy summer meal.



( If you’re wondering about that last photo above, my son came home from digging in the school garden and found a burdock root. It could have been, but it was just too woody to eat.  He was hoping to add it to our salad but he wanted a photo with his prizes anyway.)