Play Ball! Packing a Little League Dinner

Tailgate Dinner

Baseball season is officially underway and here I am packing and planning for tailgate dinners we can take to my 10 year old’s games.  Sure sometime we can wait until it’s over but that could be 7:30 or 8 p.m.  It’s easier for me to plan ahead and get it ready and packed.  I’m also discovering my son not only wants food during the game but can eat a meal after too.  My daughter is happy with packing food as it gives her something to do and as she says “it’s like a real baseball game”.   I’ve done lots of sandwiches and pasta in the past.  See last season’s dinner line-up blog.  But now I got to to thinking about the real game aspect and wanting to expand my little league menu.

So this week it was chicken apple and vegetarian sausages with popcorn.  Then to round out the meal there were blackberries, apples, carrots, tortilla chips and dip.  I ended up doing the score keeping so I couldn’t eat mine during the game.  But I was pleased when I got home.  My son was thrilled to have a sausage during the game when he got hungry.  One of my son’s teammates asked his mom to please get him the same thing my son had.  My kids I’m sure are sometimes embarrassed by all my food rules and snobbery but I saw my son smile as I told the mom I had made it at home.  She could’ve guessed by my large cooler bag under the bleachers.  I’m happy to share too.  I know I can go overboard, but I’d rather have too much than nothing.  I sometimes see parents rush out and leave the game to go get anything that will suffice as food for their children.  My son was even happier when he realized I had made an extra (actually thinking for Dad) and could have another dinner after the game.  I could’ve set up a stand.