What’s for Breakfast?

Unlike some bloggers thru this challenge I haven’t discussed each and every meal.  Many are similiar, such as breakfast.  Here’s the breakdown:

Me – oatmeal with sliced fruit (loving the pantry “free” strawberries).  I simply cook old fashioned oats with milk and add sliced fruit a sprinkling of granola for texture and a dash of cinnamon.  This is hearty and keeps me full through morning.  I should note this is my usual and preferred breakfast, with or without a challenge.  (In fact I priced it all out when I took the challenge last year and it’s a clear winner under $1). However on Monday I didn’t even have breakfast.  This was not due to the hunger challenge, but the challenge of getting my new kindergartner to school on time.


my oatmeal
my oatmeal

Kids – some variation of plain yogurt sweetened fruit spread or just a dash of cinnamon and brown sugar, and maybe a sprinkle of granola.  Sometimes a toasted crumpet as well or instead.  Sometimes (usually my daughter) also likes cut fruit too (nectarine, apple, strawberries or combo)

Husband – bowl of cereal (usually up to 4 kinds, prechallenge) with milk if time permits midweek.  Maybe a banana.