Happy New Year with Resolution and Half Birthday

Happy New Year to all.  I, like many have a resolution for 2012.  It’s not earth shattering and no one may even notice, but here it is…to blog more consistently.  It may not bother you that I’ve been enjoying my holiday and not sharing my recipes, tips and photos with you the past few weeks, but it bothers me.  It has to do with commitment.  I make one and feel guilty if I miss my own “deadline” (twice per week).  I’ll write and I hope you’ll in turn read and share.

This is the first day of 2012.  But even more than that it’s my dauther’s half birthday.  And if you’re under 10 you know that’s a big deal.  My kids birthdays, and thus half birthdays, are less than three weeks apart.  So at the half I get away with making one batch of cupcakes (or one cake) for my daughter and freezing the other half for my son.  No, I couldn’t get away with that at the “real” birthday.  So we celebrated with a half a cupcake and half a scoop of ice cream.  I usually wrap and give one of something that comes in a pair (one shoe, one sock, one miten) – which of course they get the second too.  Once my son was mad and thought he had to wait for his real birthday for the other shoe.  I thought that was cute, but not practical as the pair would be outgrown.


Blogging…Harder than the Hunger Challenge?

So why haven’t I blogged since the hunger challenge? I guess I haven’t had anything important to share and I’m busy with routine parenting, cooking, sharing and eating (and life in general).  So last week I didn’t have any new recipes, or exciting dining experiences or kids’ food stories to share.  But that’s how it will go.  I may be inspired to blog once a day (for a particular project) or maybe only once a week (or maybe less). 

Now that I have a food blog under my own name I’m receiving lots of emails from PR agencies and companies wanting me write about their client or product.  This is so strange to me.  I get pressured all the time by people who say social media is “very important to business”.  That may be so, but this blog is not an advertising vehicle.  If I come across a great kid’s product, food, restaurant, etc. – so be it.  I’ll write about it because I’ve used it, ate it, or expereinced it, and think it’s relevant to share.  Not because I got an email from a publisher, promoter or agent.


And when I get asked why I don’t Tweet, my answer is that I, (nor my kids) really don’t want to interrupt living life to stop, type, and write something to everyone and no-one.