Scary News About Plastics – Read, Shop and Rethink for Safety

This is a follow up to my Facebook post and article link about the safety or rather “unsafety” of plastics deemed “BPA free”.  As Earth Day Approaches I hope more people will read these articles and come up with some solutions to protect not only our earth but our children and families as well.


I’ve always advocated for stainless steel for lunch boxes, utensils and snack containers.  I never put hot foods in plastic or in the microwave.  I’ve always used “real” dishes, utensils, and glasses (meaning glass, porcelain and stainless) even when my kids were babies .  So, I was already motivated to throw away most of our plastic.


I don’t think of our family as using plastic much, but it was surprising that we do and not even think about it.  My kids use their PlanetBoxes and sometimes a stainless KidsKonserve bottle,  but most days they use a BPA free (ha!) sports bottle for water.  We all thought BPA was the poison and were lulled and marketed into “BPA Free”.  My kids use a fluoride rinse at night and I pour it into a plastic cup.  So I threw those away.  But wait the rinse is already in plastic(!).  I also threw away my kids favorite curly straws.  They don’t use them often, but they weren’t happy to see them go.  I also tossed out some “BPA Free” storage containers I sometimes use (when the glass runs out) or we’re taking something to a potluck (and I don’t mind if I leave the container behind).


Plastic, BPA Free or not, really is everywhere.  So besides ridding our glasses and food storage we may have to think about some other changes.  Of course there’s the packaging of food items which is hard to avoid at the grocery store.  But perhaps now we should remove the food from packages and transfer to glass when we get home.  What about that fluoride rinse?  I can’t really keep that in a pitcher or thermos.  Maybe tin cups for the bathroom?  I get worried with glass in the bathroom.  I ordered some stainless straws online (they don’t come in curly).  I went out and bought more glass food storage containers – but even most only offer those with plastic lids.  I’ll have to be more careful when packing for potlucks and events and remind myself to get my dishes back.  I’m working on the water bottles.  We already have glass and stainless but my kids like the plastic for sports games.  They don’t have to worry about breakage and are lighter to carry in their bags.  Anyone with the perfect non plastic sports bottle/container?  Please share and we can all work together.

I was so angry after reading this article about plastics.  And I grew angrier trying to rid my house of these.  I know it’s been excerpted in other periodicals and shorter articles but this full story is infuriating.  It’s amazing how big business and lobbyists are able to jump on the next bandwagon and fight consumers and families on issues of such important safety concerns.  This article details how the old tobacco consultants are now leading the efforts to keep plastic companies out of trouble.  Why not spend all those dollars to create a new plastic type material without harmful chemicals?  Here’s the entire article and study if you want a rude awakening.

The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics