Kids Want Food and Photo Credit Too

O.K. so for all the complaining my kids do about waiting for me to take food photos before we can eat, not their getting into the act too.  My kids are making me wait to eat so they can take pictures of their creations.  Can’t fault them for that right?  Here are a couple from a snack they made themselves and them photographed.

Here’s a “fancy” flatbread wrap with carrots on the side.  “It’s fancy because of the umbrella” said my daughter.
Here’s a raspberry tower my son skillfully created.
This was fun and cute and easy.  We put pretzels in a tic-tac-toe shape and added cheese x’s and a rounded ball of sunflower butter for an O.  My kids may be creating the next cookbook in my house.

Wow! So Many Food Photos….So Little Time

When I started testing recipes and working on my books I rarely took a photo of the food.  The publshers weren’t going to include photos (eventhough I was dissappointed) so I didn’t take many.  Every now and again a magazine or online editor would ask for a photo to accompany a recipe or to the promote the book.  I would usually remake the recipe even if the deadline was first thing the next morning and shoot some photos.  Of course this was a few years ago before blogging (as least before I was doing it).  Now I need a photo for just about anything and everything.

So the past year or so, the camera lives on the kitchen island.  At any point during my cooking I take photos.  Sometimes the food is getting cold to eat, while I’m plating and arranging for a photo.  Lately even picking veggies in the garden has been a photo op.  And my kids now ask “Do I need to wait for a picture?”, before they can pick a strawberry.  I must say my camera work and set-up has improved much over the years.

So my problem is now this – too many pictures and not enough time to share and write about the food, meals, recipes, experiences.  I realize the remembering to take photos was the tough part at first.  However now that’s it’s automatic, it’s the finding time to get it out there that’s the problem.  And now having all the photos, I feel guiltier than I did before, when I don’t have time to share/blog/facebook (still haven’t figured that one really).   

Just to be poinient, I’m not including a photo for this post.  Miss it?