A Parent’s Dilemma – The Fruit Loop Necklace

My daughter greeted me at pick-up on the 100th day of school, wearing this necklace.  I tried not to look horrified as I saw her classmates eating these Fruit Loop necklaces.  Ok…I confess.  I did eat some Fruit Loops when I was a kid.  My mom and most others didn’t know the benefits of whole grains and the toxicity of red dye #5.  My dauther proudly explained how she counted out 100, and asked if she could eat some.  I said “It’s so colorful and you worked so hard.  How about if I take your picture with it and we go and get a gelato instead?”  She was happy with the offer.  She got to show the necklace to dad and brother later that night and then we said goodbye necklace.