Happy St. Patrick’s Day

the green grub

My kids have been talking about wearing green and catching lephrechans all week.  My daughter is thrilled with fool’s gold (or anything shiny for that matter).  My son’s school has many a spirited child with green clothes, hats and even hair.  Who doesn’t wish for a little luck and belief in a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?  It’s just too cute to resist.

I always make corned beef and cabbage.  However we’re postponing our St. Pat’s meal, until the weekend when we have more time to make and more guests at the table to share it.  Here’s last year’s post for what I’ll be making. 

But I had to do a little something today.  So this morning I surprised my kids with a green breakfast.  I remember my grandfather making green pancakes and serving it to us with green milk.  Today was green yogurt (just plain with maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg), green milk (almond for my daughter and cow for my son) and sliced kiwi.  I wasn’t sure it looked too appetizing but the kids were surprised and amazed (and ate it, along with some non-green bagels and granola).  Who knew food coloring could give such a smile?  I think it was a novelty today because I rarely it. 

1. It kind of gives me the willies.  Very processed and nothing natural about it.

2.  It’s messy and I’m not well practiced. (see below).

note the shamrock sticker on cheek
a bit leary of the green stuff, at first
my green stained fingers