Start Packing – Kids Konserve Sale and Give Away is On

I can’t believe we’re less than a month away before school starts.  I’m already getting PTA notices and school plans.  I’m not ready to go back to school.  We’re all having too much fun.  Anyways…they have to go back and we have to start packing lunches again.  There’s lots of anxiety around packing lunches.  Not only about the food you’ll pack but also about what you’ll use to hold the food.  There are so many options but one clear choice I’ve had for a few years is the stainless containers from Kids Konserve.  I’m happy to say they now have see thru clear lids.  Yeah!  Since I also use these to pack up left-overs and other items at home I no longer have to guess what’s inside.  My favorites for packing kids pastas and soups are their thermos containers.  And the trio nesting containers are great for all types of veggies, fruits and snacks for on the go.


Kids Konserve has rolled back prices across the board and have a back to school sale happening now.  Use coupon GIVE AWAY 15  for 15% off through September.  You can feel good about saving the planet with less school lunch trash and also preserving your wonderful culinary creations.  Speaking of which…


Kids Konserve is teaming up with cookbook author Katie Morford of Best Lunchbox Ever to give away their  stainless steel nesting trio set  (colors vary) and Katie’s book.  If you want to enter please like both Petit Appetit and Kids Konserve on Facebook.  (Petit Appetit will request your mailing address if you are a winner and Kids Konserve will send winning items).



Send ‘Em Packing – Easy, Healthy Food/Drink Container

I was going to skip the back to school lunch packing tips. So many blogs talk about it.  And I wrote about packing a healthy and waste free lunch last year.  The surprising and interesting thing is while there are many more product offerings, my favorites remain those I tested (and still use) from last year.  And I realize while this may seem old news to some, it’s brand new for others.  So take a look at what my family has been using and liking.  The added bonus is that some are local Bay Area companies.

My kids will not be getting new lunchboxes this year, as their PlanetBoxes have
held up perfectly. They are easy to pack with appropriate compartments for
everything. The bag can be washed and new magnets can be purchased if your
PlanetBox is needing something fresh.


We also still love and are using our Kids Konserve freezer packs (fits well in
the PlanetBox pocket). I am never without one of their stainless steel
containers for snacks in my purse. They now offer more colors and sizes than
ever. Hurry to their online sale thru August.

As far as drink bottles go, we are not as satisfied with the longevity and
rotate quite a bit. My kids have just discovered the new Thermos/Threadless
stainless bottles with spouts, which are easy to open and close tightly. (I
can’t stand the leaky straw designs of some bottles). We also use EarthLust‘s
nature inspired stainless steel designs. I’m enjoying my Lifefactory 22 oz
large glass bottle and have ordered the new lunchbox ready 9 oz size for my
kids. Note: I only pack water in these. I find it is the easiest to clean, the
bottle lasts longer and healthiest for my kids and self. (If needing help with baby bottle choices for the youngest set, check out this article/review from The Babble Out.)

Finally, our organic cotton napkins by Fabkins are holding up from school
lunches, picnics, camps and home use. They continue to introduce new patterns
to make lunch fun and less messy.

So go forth and pack a healthy lunch with reusable, responsible products that are good for you, your kids and the planet. Yes, that is a lofty statement, but every little bit countsm as your child can create more than their weight in school lunch trash each year.