I’m a Little Latke, A Nice Potato Pancake….

If you have a recent preschooler, you know this tune.  Happy Hannukah to those celebrating this first night.  While we do not celebrate Hannukah (my son figured this out after a year or two), we do like to partake in food traditions – no matter what the holiday or religion.  Food is a great way to learn about cultures, religion, beliefs and geography.


In the past I made my own latkes (see past recipe), however this year my kids and I discovered and sampled (and purchased) Trader Joe’s frozen latkes.  I’m sure this is probably sacriligious.  However they are tasty and came in handy today as our schedule was so hectic.  It also worked out well with our meatless Monday ritual.  I topped them with apple sauce, creme fraiche, lox and capers.