I love Oscar night.  I really enjoy movies, and while I don’t get to the theatre much to see anything over a G rating, I’m always there for the Oscars.  It’s the fashion, the comradery, the bloopers, the hopes and joyful tears and jeers… and the food (more on that later).  I don’t watch alone and not at home (the kids aren’t up for a marathon of dresses and talking by real people).  I go to my dear friend Janelle’s, who’s been hosting this night as long as I can remember.  There was a few I missed, but only because I was out of town.  Twice we were out of the country (London one year and Prague another) and did everything possible to get a feed of the Oscars in our hotels, but to no avail.

There’s always one movie I’m excited about.  I love to cheer for the movie and cast my ballot for favorites.  In the past few years since kids, I try to make educated guesses for movies I’ve never seen or even heard of.  This year in addition to A Single Man, I was routing for Food Inc.  I though the movie was great and had just heard the producer speak on a panel at the Teens Turning Green Summit and really wanted her to take the stage and give an Oscar speech.  It unfortuately didn’t happen and now while sad as it is, I need to see The Cove.  The good thing is that Food Inc. is out there and according to the producer is the number one selling DVD of all time.  Hopefully that will help make some changes in the commercial food industry (or at least wake up some consumers).

Back to our oscar food…the spread reads like the Oscar for best appetizers and wine to be found, followed by dessert.  Everything from local cheeses (at least 6 kinds) and crackers (wheat, gluton free, rye, etc), to wild salmon and onion spread, to organic veggies and hummus, to charcuterie to marcona almonds and more.   We laugh and eat and drink and gossip and do it over and over until the show is over – 3 plus hours later.  Mind you there seems to be this much food and variety whether there’s 2 of us or 8.

This year I brought dessert.  Cupcakes and sandwich cookies. Nope you’ll be surprised I didn’t make them.  Fitting the Oscars into a Sunday full of french toast breakfast, a ballet birthday party, a soccer game and family gardening duties is tough.  There’s no time for extra baking and missing out on something else.  The sweets were purchased from Teacake Bakeshop in Corte Madera.  Aren’t they lovely?  Yep, and yummy too.

cupcakes and cookie sandwiches