Good Day Sacramento!

I had a great morning spending time with Julissa on Good Day Sacramento’s Mommy Moment segment.  I brought a lot of items and ideas for healthy and quick toddler and preschooler snacks for on-the-go.  It was a fun 3 1/2 minute segment.  The funny thing is all hours and energy for that 3 minutes.  All totally worth it.  Perhaps the best part is after spending a day shopping and prepping for the food and driving to and from Sacramento, my kids will have their own snacks and lunches ready for the next few days.  I think we’ll even have a “Make Yourself Anything” night for dinner.  So much in the refrigerator – everyone can create their own dinner with all the prepped veggies, meats, dips and spreads.  There’s even breakfast for dinner possibilities with eggs and pancakes.  Decisions, decisions…..

Here are some photos from the shoot and the video.

IMG_4296 IMG_4303 IMG_4309