Guest Cookbook Review by My Sister…the Vegan

I’ve told you about my sister being a vegan.  Remember that Thanksgiving post a few years ago?  Yes, my sister ate bologna and McDonald’s as a child.  Which means there’s always hope and time to change your family’s diet, for health, political or any other reason.  She’s opened my eyes and tastebuds to lots of new ingredients, restaurants and recipes thru her diet.  And my family cooks and enjoys vegan meals quite frequently.  Recently I was given a few vegan cookbooks to review.  I thought it only right to give one to my sister, for a guest review.  Here’s her experience with some of the recipes she made from The Everything Vegan Cookbook by Jolinda Hackett…  (Thanks Christy!)


Nacho “Cheese” Dip which we put over nachos.  I really
liked it as it was a nice change from Daiya (“cheese”).  My husband was not as impressed as he felt it was not creamy enough and too doughy.
Lemon Basil and Articoke Pasta was another split decision
as I really liked it and my husband felt like the tomatoes over powered it (he
is not a tomato fan). I think less tomatoes and having them cook for longer
would have been better in keeping with the name of the dish.  Also very
important to use fresh herbs as I did not have fresh rosemary and the dry was
too woody.
Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing was a huge hit!  I have been looking for a good Vegan Ranch and this is it!  Used it for Mother’s Day and had guests (non-vegan)asking for the recipe.
Cookies and Cream Cheesecake is an interesting dessert.  Looked beautiful, has the consistency of non-vegan cheesecake but is very mild in flavor.  More flavorful with chocolate syrup drizzled and maybe should have added the crumbled cookies on top.  My 10 year old nephew, who is a very picky eater, liked it so that says a lot.
All and all I think this is a great cookbook as it has a lot of quick and easy recipes and I found that I had many of the ingredients already in my kitchen.  If one is considering Vegan-ism or maybe have a weekly Vegan menu these are good recipes.  Here are a couple sites to visit: