New Recalls – Bagged Salad and Peanut Butter

In the past two days there have been new recalls due to possible salmonella contamination – one for bagged lettuce sold at Trader Joe’s and Safeway the other for Smucker’s Natural Chunky Peanut Butter.  Check your fridge and pantry and read stories below.


Lettuce recall details here,ca

Peanut Butter story here…




Cantaloupe Warning/Recall – Listeria Outbreak

Health officials say as many as 16 people have died from possible listeria illnesses traced to Colorado cantaloupes, the deadliest food outbreak in more than a decade.  Listeria is most harmful to the elderly and pregnant women (as it passes thru to the fetus).  Symptoms of listeria include fever and muscle aches, often with other gastrointestinal symptoms. Victims often become incapacitated and unable to speak.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday that 72 illnesses, including 13 deaths have been reported from The Rocky Ford-brand cantaloupes from Jensen Farms grown in Colorado and shipped between July 29th and September 10th all across the United States.  The cases have been found in 18 states including California.  See entire article here.



Turkey Warning…

There are a few new food recalls concerning dairy, papayas, cat food and 36 million pounds of ground turkey.  There’s been one death and 77 illness of salmonella in 26 states due to the contamination.  The FDA is cautioning people not to eat ground turkey and products made with ground turkey.  Here’s the whole story…

Here’s a chart of the Safe Minimum Cooking Temperatures from
Use this chart and a food thermometer to ensure that meat, poultry, seafood,
and other cooked foods reach a safe minimum internal temperature.


Remember, you can’t tell whether meat is safely cooked by looking at it. Any
cooked, uncured red meats – including pork – can be pink, even when the meat has
reached a safe internal temperature.

Why the Rest Time is Important

After you remove meat from a grill, oven, or other heat source, allow it to
rest for the specified amount of time. During the rest time, its temperature
remains constant or continues to rise, which destroys harmful germs.

category Food Temperature
Rest Time
Ground Meat
& Meat Mixtures
Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb 160 None
Turkey, Chicken 165 None
Fresh Beef, Veal,
Steaks, roasts, chops 145 3 minutes
Poultry Chicken & Turkey, whole 165 None
Poultry breasts, roasts 165 None
Poultry thighs, legs, wings 165 None
Duck & Goose 165 None
Stuffing (cooked alone or in bird) 165 None
Pork and
Fresh pork 145 3 minutes
Fresh ham (raw) 145 3 minutes
Precooked ham (to reheat) 140 None
& Egg Dishes
Eggs Cook until yolk
and white are firm
Egg dishes 160 None
Leftovers & Casseroles Leftovers 165 None
Casseroles 165 None
Seafood Fin Fish 145 or cook until
flesh is opaque and separates easily with a fork.
Shrimp, lobster, and crabs Cook until flesh is
pearly and opaque.
Clams, oysters, and mussels Cook until shells
open during cooking.
Scallops Cook until flesh
is milky white or opaque and firm.




Cadmium to Go With That Soda?

Here’s another reason to avoid the toy give-away and promo prizes at the fast food chains. Maybe some other cities will follow Santa Clara County and band the prizes.  Remember that?

“According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Cadmium has been discovered in the painted design on “Shrek”-themed drinking glasses being sold nationwide at McDonald’s, forcing them to recall 12 million of the cheap U.S.-made collectibles.”   Check out the recall details and Full story here.