Hawaiian Vacation – Photos and Food

Did you miss me?  My family was lucky enough to spend spring break in Hawaii.  It was so wonderful to enjoy the ocean and be warm for an entire week.  I never remembered Hawaii as a great culinary mecca, but we had some great meals.  Some we prepared at our condo and some we enjoyed while out and about Oahu.  My kids started appreciating Pog (a blend of pineapple, guava and orange juices) as soon as we got on the plane.

My kids loved all the fresh fruit.  My son especially likes papaya and it was everywhere.

Had a great sushi dinner at Sansei in Waikiki Beach.  The color of this roe (my son’s favorite) was amazing.

Probably the best meal was at a roadside cafe called Sweet Home Waimanalo on the North Shore.  So glad I saved an article with recommendations from Sunset Magazine.  I would’ve never found it.  The fish tacos and portobello tacos were wonderful.  As was the hibiscus lemonade.  Another suggestion was OnoPops, sold at Whole Foods, Farmers Markets and Down to Earth (a vegetarian market where we found them). Interesting flavors like cheesecake, mango cream, lychee and mexican chocolate (our favorite).

Of course a visit isn’t complete without a visit to Roy’s.  I went once before and didn’t think that much of it when in Maui.  But this time was great.  Roys Ko Olina was overlooking a lovely golf course.  Very hospitable and kid friendly service.  Good activity book with coloring, word search and educational info for the kids.  It took us through my husband and I’d three courses (deal on Mondays for $42!)  Take a look at my son’s starter – fish shaped potstickers (above).  My daughter’s vegetarian diet was certainly accommodated.  I think we all enjoyed the chocolate souffle (a Roy’s specialty) and macadamia tart.  See our before and after shared plates.





Fake Food Fun

The Buggy Diners

A few weeks ago we visited my family in Los Angeles and went to KidSpace Children’s Museum.  We had such a good time, exploring both inside and outdoors.  Inside was a great exhibit with bugs.  Huge tunnels, giant leaves, and web like climbing structures allow kids to explore and meet larger than life bugs eye to eye.  There’s even a cafe where you can pretend to order or serve up bug specialties….

Here are a few….

The poo poo platter, of course
Insect sushi
Can't recall the name - just gross

This gruesome fake food reminded me a bit of our visits to Japantown.  Is the same “food manufacturer” making the museum play food as the Japanese noodle houses across the country?  I would love to know how the plastic food came to exist and who suggested it first.  There is something to be said for reusable fake food.  There’s no waste, as in some places that actually make the real dish to set out for diners to view.  Plus the real food could be a health hazard.  How long can it sit there?  There’s no odor with the fake stuff.  I have never been to Japan.  Can someone share with me, if fake food happens in Japan or is this an American tradition? 

Either way my kids loved to play with the fake food at the museum.  And back at home they enjoy gawking at the fake food in Japantown, trying to decide what to choose for lunch.