Arsenic Found in Baby Formula and Brown Rice Syrup Products

Here’s the entire article and Dartmouth study regarding arsenic found in formula and organic foods sweetened with brown rice syrup.  Once again it’s always important to check labels and eat things in moderation.   Check your kids’ snacks bars such as Cliff and Envirokids.  I too sometimes sweeten muffins and cookies with brown rice syrup instead of sugar.

A local Bay Atea pediatrician had this to say to his pediatric regarding the findings:

“We would also like to reassure you. We had a lengthy conversation with the chief toxicologist at the UCSF Pediatric environmental health study unit this afternoon and here are some of his thoughts: All rice takes up natural arsenic from the soil — so it’s not a contaminant during manufacturing.  The exposure is not an acute high level toxicity (such as in large ingestion of poison) but rather a slow and low level exposure, which would take years or even decades to affect the human body. Treatment for this is to simply stop taking the formula. Arsenic has short half-life, and some studies have shown that it clears the body within a week or 2, unlike other heavy metals like lead that can deposit and take years to clear. Overall the risk from this type of exposure is very minimal and no treatment is necessary. As far as testing, most experts recommend against testing for several reasons:

1.      Testing isn’t reliable and can be influenced by organic, non-toxic arsenic which is found in fish and water.

2.      Treatment is the same and that is to stop exposure.



Taking Steps on Food Chemicals

We’re always hearing tips about eliminating food chemicals such as bisphenol A, artificial food dyes and pesticides out of our food.  But why isn’t the FDA banning these substances to make it safer, healthier and easier for consumers to shop?  This is Marion Nestle’s answer posed in the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday.  Read the article , learn the trouble with FDA studies and find out what you can do to be part of the solution, and keep yourself and family safe.