Do you know your taste? Find Out and Earn $1 for the Food Bank.

Do you know your taste?  Want to answer a few foodie questions  to earn $1 for the San Francisco Food Bank?  Please say yes.  For every person who takes the taste test, Dave’s Gourmet will give $1 to the SF Food Bank.   Check out the taste test here.  Because giving back is always good in taste.

I was at the Food Bank a few weeks ago helping Leah’s Pantry with a food smarts community training program.  The food bank is amazing.  First it’s massive which is always impressive.  How they get all of the pallates of food stacked, sorted, delivered, and set up for shopping is such a site.  It takes many, many dedicated workers and volunteers to provide thousands of children, families and seniors in the community with food.

Anyways…I took the Food Bank challenge and discovered I am umami.  Who knew?  Here’s what I got (so fun)….

You’re umami! Subtle, savory, and a little mysterious – that’s you, umami. You seek out those rich, complex foods with a certain special something: seafood, cheese, mushrooms. You’re not showy, and you get along well with others – so when you team up with one of your sour or salty comrades, people find you irresistible.

Find out what you are and the food bank gets $1.  Take a few minutes to answer a few food questions and provide your first name and email address, and Dave’s Gourmet gives $1 to the food bank.  Take the test and blog back here to share your taste.  Salty, sweet?  Let’s hear it.